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All the video games listed are free to download. The languages used are C# (Unity Game Engine), Java (JavaFX, LibGDX), and Javascript.

Sea Scoundrels | C#: Unity Game Engine

Sea Scoundrels was my final capstone project for the Mobile Applications Development program. We were given the opportunity to create either a mobile app, software, website, or video game and my group chose the video game route. The game was built in a month and a half. It is a pirate themed, 2D rogue like that includes a LOT of features such as...

For more information about Sea Scoundrels, the documentation is listed here...

-Sea Scoundrels Documentation

-Download Sea Scoundrels HERE (≈145MB)


Happy Room | Java: JavaFX

Happy Room is an escape room style Java game built with the JavaFX framework. Run the game by clicking the 'HappyRoom.jar' file in the project folder.

-Download Happy Room HERE (≈30MB)


Scrollbar Pong | Javascript

This specific application was made as a creative, personal project where the scrollbar is used to play pong.

-scrollbar pong


Business People | Java: libGDX Game Engine

A short game where the player is an employee at an office. Print paper and use the computer!

-business people (6.95MB)


Hippy Tanks | Java: libGDX Game Engine

A 2-person hot seat tank game. Watermelon army versus Sunflower army!

-hippy tanks (6.83MB)


Happy Fish | Java: libGDX Game Engine

A variation of Flappy bird but with a smiling fish and red pipes.

-happy fish (6.15MB)


Flash Games | Adobe Flash: Actionscript 2.0

NOTE: In order to play these, you'll need to download a Flash player.

-Llama Dressup Game 1 (489KB)

-Llama Dressup Game 2 (1.15MB)

-Llama Dressup Game 3 (1.14MB)

Simple dress up games with a fun llama.

2012 - 2013

-SPAM (15.4KB)

In this game, the player clicks a button as fast as they can before the timer runs out and a score is outputted.