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yt (16-07-2024) 11:25 PM

here is my new post! Yo guys whatsup!

Monopoly Simulator (22-01-2023) 3:16 PM

For the past few months I have been working on an economy simulator modeled after an analogy used by a guest on an episode of the Joe Rogan podcast. The simulator models economic aggregation over time with a population of 100 traders. The simulator can be accessed here or via the coding page on the left.
The simulator includes several different types of graphs to illustrate aggregation as well as individual trader statistics. The webpage describes in detail how the simulator works, information about the graphs, and information about unique data that is collected. I should also mention that the webpage is mobile friendly, using a disgusting amalgamation of CSS and JavaScript.

Genesis (02-08-2022) 9:31 PM

Welcome to the first official post for my website. Properly designed with a sophisticated blog posting system. This first post can have bold text, and italic text.
I'm also able to insert breaks and hyperlinks! Click on this one here to go to! And lastly, I'm able to upload images through here to be displayed on the homepage. Welcome to my website!