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This collection of websites were either built for school, businesses, or personal reasons. In terms of web development, I have experience with HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Typescript (Angular framework), Ruby, PHP (Laravel framework), SQL (sqlplus, MySQL), Dart (Flutter) and experience with web-based IDEs such as Ruby on Rails, PHPStorm, and cross platform experience (Angular, Flutter).

social media website

-Echo (2023)

Echo is a social media service that was built for a web design course at my university. The website uses a collection of front-end and back-end languages (I was assigned the back-end) for features such as...

The languages used for this service (aside from HTML, CSS, and Javascript) are SQL and PHP.

NOTE: I would not recommend using a regular password for using this service. Though the passwords are encrypted with a hashing algorithm I would still recommend using a throwaway password.

personal website designs

-HTML5 professional website (2022) (2021) (2017) (2013) (2011)

business related website design(s)

-Happy Hour Studios Design

Happy Hour Studios is a business that I created for providing graphic designs to clients.

UI/UX designs

nimrod studios website designs

-Nimrod Studios Design 1 (2017)

-Nimrod Studios Design 2 (2017)

Nimrod Studios is another (failed) idea for a podcast.

random website design(s) (2015)

Website for free iPhone wallpapers.