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The software listed below was built for school or for a company.

Maple Leaf CD | Java: JavaFX, JDBC, SQL

This software was built with Java using the JavaFX framework and the JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) API for managing the database connections. The software was built for the purpose of musical content management. The idea behind it is that you are a CD store owner who needs to manage information such as the albums owned, genres of the albums, artists of the albums, and the studios that produce the albums.

You can perform CRUD operations for these types of data, as well as visualize the data. There is also a built in account system for the moderator of the application. The features included are...


Demo 3D/2D Surface Visualizer | Python: matplotlib, pandas

A 3D/2D visualizer for viewing a function of 2 variables based on uploaded Excel spreadsheet data. The data can be viewed by column, and the mesh can be specified as well. There is also the ability to view the data based on a cut of the contour produced. It uses the matplotlib library for graph rendering, pandas for data preparation, and tkinter for pre-process variable initializing (popup windows).


Demo 3D Surface Visualizer | C++: Nana

This technology was created in C++ with the Nana C++ framework for GUI purposes. The idea behind it is to visualize a model of a function of 2 variables based on uploaded data in *.tsv format. The 3D rendering does not use any libraries and was programmed mathematically from scratch. The colours model a heat map, with higher z values meaning warmer areas.