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These are some of the mobile apps that I had built in my 3 years of a mobile applications development program. The two applications present are an Android-specific and iOS-specific build. I also have experience with cross-platform development via Flutter (Dart) and Angular (TypeScript).

Stalker | Swift: XCode, APIs

A finance app built for iOS applications. In Stalker, you can buy, sell, and manage holdings/income. The application was built in XCode with Swift and persists data such as account information, and holding information. Two APIs were used for reading market data. The first is Alpha Vantage (for retreiving search query results), and Polygon.IO, for fetching real-time market data.

The application is based off of a pre-built UI/UX prototype, which was created in Figma below.


PenguinDex | Java: Android Studio

A mobile Android application for general information about penguins, a penguin personality test, and a contact page for contacting the fictional PenguinDex team!